Sunday, 1 December 2013

La Coruna

Just before sunset yesterday evening we enjoyed an aft view of the world before going in for dinner.  Before eating we attended the Captain’s welcome party.  If he loses his job as a captain he can always get another one as comedian!



It was a formal evening so it was tuxedos for the both us.


James just had to go for gold on the first formal night!

This morning we berthed in La Coruna at 8 o’ clock.  It was still getting light at 9 when we left the ship for a walk into town.


We took a walk out to the Tower of Hercules.  Rebuilt a few hundred years ago, this lighthouse site has been casting its guiding beam to ships for 2000 years and the town is very proud of the fact.


There are some lovely coastal vistas from the lighthouse point.


Walking back into town where there are some very interesting and vibrant sculptures to be enjoyed…………


……… and some weird door knockers as well!


The old town has some great architecture and the streets are spotlessly clean.


After a good long walk we ended our tour of La Coruna in the  centre of the old town in the lovely colonnaded Maria Pita square.  We didn’t take the bus tour, preferring, as we usually do, to experience warts and all.  The weather was great which helped us to enjoy this very clean and well presented town.  Aurora was due to leave at 3 o’ clock so we returned to the ship for a quick sauna (with panoramic views across the harbour and the old town from the sauna cubicle!) and then lunch.


We had our chance to take some pics of the ship………


…….., not the biggest thing afloat but it’s certainly big to us (and compared to this tanker lorry) ……..


……. and to everything around it!

We are now at sea for another day before docking in Casablanca.  We are thoroughly enjoying the voyage so far.  We can’t fault anything on this beautifully presented ship, the staff are so attentive and everything is immaculate and the passengers are very friendly as well!

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