Friday, 20 December 2013

The Capital at Christmas time.


We’ve recently received a great photo of “Chance” taken from high up in St Mary’s Hospital by a friend who works there (and who keeps a careful eye on our comings and goings when he can!).

During the last couple of days we’ve just been relaxing and not done a great deal.  Yesterday evening we had a terrific thunder storm in Paddington, after which we went out to the West End and unwittingly got caught up in the chaos caused by the drama at the Apollo Theatre.  There seemed to be a lot more emergency vehicles than was reported on the news and there were an awful lot of streets either closed or restricted because of the incident.  Thank goodness it wasn’t any worse.


We ventured out this afternoon, firstly to one of our favourite pubs, The Chandos near Trafalgar Square, for a late lunch.  As we walked from Piccadilly tube station we found Leicester Square very busy with shoppers and its Fun Fair. 


After lunch we took a walk up Charing Cross Road on our way to Liberty’s.  James was fascinated by this shop display of cuff links.  


The main entrance to Liberty’s is uniquely and traditionally displayed as a florists shop.


The window displays are very striking ………….


……….. and it’s just a fabulous building to shop in.


Catching the bus back to Paddington this evening, Oxford Street was a ablaze with its Christmas lights (this is Selfridges) and busy with shoppers …………..


…….. and, back at Paddington Basin, ‘Chance’ was also ablaze with Christmas lights – well almost ! – we do try.


  1. Happy Christmas guys. Hope our paths will cross again next year. And that you both have a great 2014.

    1. Hi Ken and Sheena, Thanks for the lovely message we will definatly see you next year.