Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas in Paddington / New Year in ?

We had a peaceful and relaxing Christmas day – choosing to spend much of it on our own ………


………. enjoying a cosy Christmas lunch on board ‘Chance’ ……..


……. before going walkabout.  The Edgware Road was as busy as any other day of the week!


Although when we got to Marble Arch things were a little quieter.


Boxing Day saw us heading back to Packet Boat marina, with a cold but tranquil cruise along the Paddington Arm.  Thankfully the canal was clear of debris from the storm a few days earlier but the towpath users were not so lucky.


One towpath user was doing what he probably does every day – and just twenty feet away there’s a notice (in seven different languages!) telling him not to feed the birds. Oh well.


The trip back was gloriously peaceful – even if the smoke did get in James’ eyes occasionally.  One delightful diversion on our journey was that we were greeted by blog readers Sue and Mike on nb ‘Tricia Helen’ who were moored up along the way. We hadn’t met them before but we stopped for a pleasant few minutes chat before moving on. Nice to meet you both and we forgot to wish you a Happy New Year.


Blue must be “in” this year.


Decisions, decisions.  (he turned back!)


As we turn onto the Grand Union canal at Bulls Bridge the sweet sight of the Nestle factory tells us we’re about an hour from home.


After a cold but lovely cruise back from Paddington we turn from the G U into the Slough Arm – then it’s immediately right into Packet Boat.  Being a windless day we were able to reverse into our berth without incident, after which it was a quick loading of the car and a drive back to Sussex.

The last couple of days have seen us enjoy a great evening with our neighbours Nigel and Michele yesterday and also getting suit cases packed ready to travel to New York to celebrate New Year.   


  1. Blogger seems to be trashing my comments to you! This is my second try.
    Have a great New Year!
    Kath (nb Herbie)

    1. Thanks Neil and Kath and you both too, hope we see you sometime in Paddington! xx

  2. Happy new year
    from Sharon &Richard (nb Oakapple

  3. Have a good one in New York guys.
    Paul and El