Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Windy but wonderful.

Starting off early from Packet Boat marina this morning we headed “London way” and arrived at Paddington Basin at 10:30 to find two spaces available.  Wonderful, and a bit of a miracle to say the least!


Entering the basin it suddenly got very windy but after getting tied up safely and a very much needed wipe down (of ‘Chance’!) we went walkabout this afternoon to get some exercise.  Taking a bit of a detour from the basin we crossed the bridge at Little Venice, taking in this gorgeous winter view of LV and the gardens beside.


Kensington was next on our itinerary, to get a last bit of Christmas shopping, and then onwards past a very impressive Royal Albert Hall in the twilight ……….


……….. until we arrived at the (temporary) Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.  It was clean, well presented, busy and expensive but then it is London and it is Christmas.


The ice rink was an impressive affair and very busy.


Getting back to the basin this evening the wind had increased  – the picture belies the fact that we’re being buffeted by the most incredible wind which is being funnelled onto the sides of the boats by the high buildings.  We’re unable to tie in very tightly and, with the strong gusts, the boat’s rolling so much it’s difficult to maintain one’s balance. What we need are stabilizers like “Aurora”!

That said, we’re not  complaining.  Indeed we’re lucky to get a space which means we can spend the week here and enjoy Christmas in London, catching up with as many people as we can.    

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