Friday, 6 December 2013

Last, but not least, Lisbon

We docked at Lisbon, our last port of call,  at 9 o’ clock this morning and, after a good breakfast, we took a trip into the old part of the city for a bit of sight seeing.


However last evening, just before dinner, we were able to get a ‘posterity pic’ of our magnificent cabin steward Bosco, who seems to wait around the corner until we’re gone, then nips into the room to make things wonderful again.


After dinner we usually take a trip round the promenade deck, trying to lose a few calories!


Doug quite often pops into the casino for a short while, tonight Carl wanted to learn to play as well.


To mark the occasion in the casino – here’s a pic of us with Carl and Margaret.

Back to today - we took the steep walk up to the old castle in Lisbon.  It was built in the 11th century and still retains much of its original structure ………


The views from the castle across the city are tremendous ……….


……… and we could see right down the river, almost to the sea.  The weather was tremendous today and we topped up our tans without trying.


Contemplation comes naturally when your this high up.


Some of the architecture around the city is tremendous both in its size and as a work of art.  Having said that, the city needs to do something about the terrible graffiti which is appalling and everywhere.  However, we enjoyed what we saw of the city and, as we’re probably going to return one day, we’re saving something for another day.


Back on board “Aurora” we got ready for the last, and best, sail away party of the trip.


Only a royal visit would produce more Union Flags.  There were 800 people on the five rear decks celebrating the last departure. (and we were nearly late for dinner!)


Our superb entertainment crew are always so busy their feet don’t touch the ground. The ever resourceful Wez, closest to the camera, never stops – they wind him up in the morning and he goes all day!


We left the dockside amid a rousing chorus of Rule Britannia and with the Portuguese navy looking on.  The sunset, of course on such an occasion, was magnificent.

We had another brilliant day again and we now embark on 2 1/2 sea days before reaching Southampton on Monday and we really don’t want this to end. 


  1. And how lucky you were with the weather, and it looks like you are going to have a good crossing back over the bay with slight seas and clear skies! Glad you both enjoyed!

  2. Really don't want it to end? Can you imagine what it is like arriving back in Southampton after three and a half months aboard. I was depressed for months afterwards!