Wednesday, 4 December 2013

We Will Rock You!

Yesterday evening, after another lovely dinner, we enjoyed a bit of social wandering – chatting to other passengers doing the same thing ……….


………. and then finishing off the night by listening to a superb Welsh singer Dane, and his band “The Next 10”.


This morning we docked at “The Rock” under a glorious sunrise and wonderfully clear conditions (not always the case around this neck of the woods)


Walking into the city we were shocked to see Father Christmas having to decorate his own tree in Casemates Square.


At the end of Main Street is the Trafalgar Cemetery where the remains of some of those who died in the battle in October 1805.


This makes fascinating reading.


Taking the cable car to the top of the rock (£8.50 each which was a bit steep – pardon the pun!), the views were amazing.  “Aurora” is dead centre.


Doug, with the Atlantic Ocean at his left shoulder and the Med. on his right.


We had a nice chat with one of the residents!


Doug – this time with the Spanish frontier, which crosses the runway (he does get around!)  Interesting fact: planes which leave this (military) airport only ever fly to London.


A better view of “Aurora” with the Moorish Castle (1333 AD) flying the Union Flag in the foreground.


After purchases of gin (as gifts and for medicinal purposes – like next years’ sloe gin!) and a very nice leather jacket for James which Doug negotiated for a third of the original asking price!, we made our way back to the ship for a rest and relax before dinner tonight.  Interesting fact: a litre of Bombay Sapphire is £9.95!

Well, today was another brilliant day and we can certainly say that the The Rock rocks.  Doug’s been looking forward to visiting again after 30 years and James has been eager to get onto Gibraltar for the first time, having been unable to cross the border from Spain back in 1971 (General Franco was in charge then!).

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  1. Cheers for the photos guys. Used to live in Gib. Was there when Franco died, and went back a few times in the navy. Shame to see it so built up since then, but I guess that is what happens.