Saturday, 30 November 2013

Don’t forget your toothbrush.

On Thursday, apart from fitting the new freezer and washing machine we spent the rest of the day packing 3 large suitcases.  Yesterday we were very kindly taken to Southampton by our kind neighbours Michelle and Nigel, to embark on the P & O cruise liner “Aurora”.


We had a lovely lunch with Nigel and Michelle in Southampton before we got on the ship.  Boarding went swimmingly – we have a great cabin, the ship is extremely well presented and impeccably maintained.  Our luggage was taken from us when we arrived and 1/2 hour later we were in our cabin with our luggage. Great!


It’s not the biggest ship in the world but you certainly can’t see the other end!


We didn’t get any pics of the whole ship before we embarked  – we’ll have to wait until we get to our first port of call for that.  This is the aft end.


As the sun set we (or rather the ships crew) got ready to leave.


Before we could leave the terminal though, Cunard’s Queen Victoria needed to leave her berth ahead of us.

Getting our cases unpacked (and the 28 shirts, which James folded yesterday, and six suits hung up!) we realised we’d forgotten to pack our toothbrushes and so we waited for the shops to open at 6 o’ clock to buy new ones before going to dinner last night.  Dress wise it was an informal evening thank goodness and we got on well with everyone on our table of eight.

We have a sea day today with our first port of call, La Coruna, coming up tomorrow morning.  There was quite a bit of swell during the night but surprisingly, now we’re in the Bay of Biscay, things have settled down.

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