Monday, 23 December 2013

A wet weekend (but never mind)

The weather has been dreadful this weekend – the rain didn’t stop on Saturday ……….


………. but the cleaning of Merchant Square around the canal basin continued unabated with the ever enthusiastic staff power scrubbing the walkways in the pouring rain. In contrast we spent most of the day warm and dry in ‘Chance’ before going out to the West End for some company in the evening – some amazingly interesting people in publishing and the art world to chat to.


Sunday was a better day – the wind was still strong but for most of the day it was at least dry.  We took advantage of a visit by James (another one!) on fuel boat “Archimedes” as we were getting low on diesel and going the full hog by buying coal and kindling as well. 


Most of Sunday was spent quietly on board and relaxing in front of our own Christmas fireplace.


In the evening we couldn’t relax any longer so it was out on the town again but with an early return “home” this time.  The borough of Vauxhall’s blue Christmas tree looks very splendid.


This morning (Monday) we’re battening down the hatches for the impending storm.  The wind is very strong, and increasing, this lunchtime and “Chance” is rolling well with the wind howling through the buildings straight onto us.  We will only be blown to the other side of the basin if the ropes snap so we’ll not go far!


  1. Merry Christmas Guys,
    best wishes from Yvonne & Roger

  2. Stay safe and have a great Christmas!