Sunday, 8 December 2013

The Last Supper

Last evening’s dinner gave us the opportunity to show our thanks to the galley staff.


The Executive Chef, his assistant and the Pastry Chef (the one responsible for everyone’s weight gain!) came down to see us first and, to the strains of “I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles”, followed the hundred or so other chefs and galley staff.  Together with all the other ship’s company, from the Captain down, they’ve made this cruise just fantastic. 


Popping back to our cabin to freshen up after dinner and we found yet another lovely offering from our steward Bosco.


At 9:45 we went to the last classical piano recital by Iwan Llewelyn-Jones.  We’ve met up with Iwan on several evenings this week so we let the other passengers mob him after the performance and instead took the chance to catch up with our new friend Carol.


We’ve spent some very pleasant times this week with this elegant and charming lady who’s great fun and a fount of cruising knowledge. Here’s the official photo with James sporting his final (and most fetching colour!)


The lazy man’s view of deck shuffle board.  It was a tense, but still very amateur, final game this morning.  James’ pink colour last night turned to green during the night (no, it wasn’t the drink!) and he was too fragile to play today and Doug didn’t win this time.


The weather has got decidedly chillier as we get closer to the UK but the dolphin spotting from the top deck paid off today and we saw about 30 all told.  It’s not easy zooming in on a moving dolphin from so high up.


We had lunch today with Iwan, who we listened to at last night’s concert, today.  He looked smarter last night (!) but annoyingly we forgot to get a photo of the performance.  That’s probably due to being so absorbed in his superb playing.  He reckons he’s played over 40 separate pieces during this week.  He’s a consummate professional and explains the music in a very humorous way (and he’s a great guy to get on with - when his public leave him alone!)

Tonight is our last dinner on board – oh dear oh dear!


  1. Sounds amazing! Better get some locking done before the festive season really gets going though ;)

  2. Ooh goodie, I expect you're so fed up with the sun and the luxury now - time to get back to the chilly delights of bacon sarnies and boating on the big river!

    Look out for the invite on our blog later:-D

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream