Thursday, 15 August 2013

Three tunnels and unexpected sunshine.

Yesterday evening, we were delighted to join our friends Di and Steve for a BBQ at their daughter Amy, and husband Ally’s, lovely home.


The occasion was terrific with lovely food and lovely company.  Doug and Di enjoy a glass of wine while Ally expertly cooked the food for us and Harry looks on in ever increasing hope that something will leap off the BBQ!


Due to threatening weather conditions we had the food inside – Amy, Steve, Ally, Doug and Di just about to tuck in.  Thank you to all of you for the wonderful evening and for “taxiing” us to and fro’ from Chance’ at Anderton.

Today we started early from Anderton and very soon got to the first of the three tunnels on our journey.


Barnton Tunnel, with its portal just round the corner, has a very attractive approach.


After Saltersford Tunnel (our second one) we had a tranquil cruise, with no other canal traffic around since we started.  We passed the site of the huge breach at Dutton last year.  The disaster has left a big gap in the trees but we’ve now gained a very good stretch of moorings.


The views across the valley from the large gap in the trees are magnificent with the huge mainline railway viaduct taking centre stage.


Getting to the Dutton stop lock we were prevented from landing by this sunken cruiser.  It’s been there for some time, that’s obvious, and is presenting a major hazard – shame on you C&RT.


Immediately past the stop lock is the portal of the Preston Brook Tunnel.  Another pretty setting where we didn’t mind stopping for 40 minutes, having just missed the ten minute entry slot every hour.


The Preston Brook Tunnel marks the end of the Trent and Mersey and beginning of the Bridgwater Canal and very soon after leaving the tunnel we’re cruising under the very busy M56. 


Further on you can see the massive and wonderful water tower on the hill at Runcorn. (close up view)


Further down the Bridgwater Canal and we’re passing through the lovely village of  Moore with its superb old red brick houses……..


…….. then through the lush glades of Higher Walton.  We’ve had wonderful sunshine for the entire journey……….


…….. until we finally moor up at Thelwall when the rain started to come down hard!  How lucky we’ve been today.

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  1. Hi GUys love following your blog.
    You staying at Lymm tomorrow or you carrying on towards Manchester?