Thursday, 22 August 2013

A trip out of town.

Yesterday, by taking the tram from Deansgate, we had a trip down to MediaCity to see how things are progressing there since our last visit.


The Plaza at 11 o’ clock in the morning – not a soul about.  The large BBC complex is on the left, where we peered through the windows and watched the live sports report being broadcast.


The very futuristic Imperial War Museum North.  We had a look around and felt the exhibits had been dumbed down a bit (especially the videos).  There’s a lift which goes up to a viewing platform in the sticky-up bit.


The pedestrian bridge from the BBC studios on one side and ITV on the other.  The place was eerily quiet with just a few other people about apart from ourselves.


From the viewing platform in the War Museum we were able to look down on the construction of the new Coronation Street set at the ITV studios …………….


……….. and we also got a good view of Manchester United’s ground Old Trafford.


After MediaCity we took a nice long walk to the Trafford Centre (a little bit of Las Vegas in England).  We took the adventurous route as part of our walk!


We walked past the lovely Trafford Park Hotel which is sadly empty and being allowed to fall into disrepair.


At the Trafford Centre, after a bit of shopping, we had a very nice lunch in “Pesto” (always good) while James nursed a blister on his little toe.  After that it was a walk back to MediaCity again where we caught the tram back to Manchester.


Sitting behind the tram driver we got a great view forward.  They’ve planted grass between the tracks in places which gives a much softer feeling to the track.

We had a quick wash and brush up on ‘Chance’ before getting another tram to Altrincham where friends Pauline and Neil from nb ‘Waterlily’ picked us up and took us further on to their beautiful home for dinner.


They made us very welcome and we had a super time with them enjoying Pauline’s wonderful cooking and chatting and laughing ‘till we were nearly too late to get the last tram home to Manchester.


However, we did catch the last tram and got safely back home to ‘Chance’ just after midnight.  Thanks to both of you for your great hospitality and great company.

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