Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hot weather at Coole Pilate.



Yesterday, before sundown, James carried out one of his annual tasks of cutting down the Ash saplings which, if allowed to grow, will block the gap in the hedge which allows the sunshine into this lovely mooring spot by bridge 66. 


Today, after another 6:30 start and no one about, we achieved the first 5 locks of the Adderley flight in 35 minutes. The next challenge was the Audlem flight, known in the old days as the Audlem “Thick”.  Both lock flights today have the most wonderful settings among Larch and Pine trees with the odd building leftover from the past.


At the foot of flight is Audlem Wharf – a pretty picture to look at as we emerged from the trees.


After Audlem the countryside opens out to give lovely views across Cheshire.


After 3 1/2 hours cruising we arrived at Coole Pilate, our mooring for today.  The day was still young and the weather glorious.  Two World War I “soldiers” walked past us on the towpath. They were doing a charity walk and their authentic clothing was a bit uncomfortable for them in the heat of the day.


Our reason to stop at Coole Pilate was to meet up with friends Bill and Eileen on nb ‘New Dawn’, who we haven’t seen since we visited them earlier in the year in Fuerteventura. 

After coffee and cake from Eileen, it was soon time to open the wine!


A bold statement being made by the cruiser owner who moored next to us today -  a wonderful shade of pink on this lovely boat.


We spent the whole day relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying a chat and some refreshment.  Doug, James, Bill and Eileen.


Later in the day the BBQ came out.


A quick, artistic shot of ‘New Dawn’s’ fabulous paintwork – so lovingly kept by Bill and his polish.


As the sun begins to go down we enjoyed a fabulous meal with great food and great company.


A ’Chance’ sunset to end a wonderful day.


  1. Looks like a good 'chance' BBQ, 5 bottles of wine on that table! Won't count the others in the earlier photos!


    Ali x

  2. Hi Ali and John, They weren't all full when we started drinking them!

  3. Hi friends, thanks for the nice picture. Put it on my screen in the office.
    May I beleave that the bottles haven't been full ;O))
    Love Birgit from nb OFFICE ;O))