Monday, 12 August 2013

Social Whirl in Cheshire

After we got moored in the marina at Swanley on Saturday we went across to the next pontoon to our dear friends Lyn and Chris on nb ‘Niamh’ (pronounced ‘neeve’).  They so very kindly invited us to lunch which more than filled the hole in our bellies. The afternoon was spent relaxing (although James decided he needed a stint in the engine bay) before we all met up again ……….


for a meal at the glorious ”The Thatch” at Faddiley.  Dating from 1450, it’s ancient walls hold a superb menu which filled our bellies for the second time that day.  A fantastic meal was had by us all.


Doug, Lyn, James and Chris about to feast again!


Then we all went back to ‘Chance’ for a “nightcap”.

Our timing at the moment has meant we’re in the Nantwich area to help celebrate a birthday so we walked (by choice) the 3 miles from Swanley to Nantwich to meet up with Bill and Eileen(nb ‘New Dawn’) at their apartment.  Chris, whose birthday it was, and Les from nb ‘Eleventh Heaven’ were there already.


Our walk took us past some interesting sights which we’d have missed by car or boat.




The church at Acton.


At the apartment, lunch was enjoyed by all – Doug (out of shot on the left), Bill, Eileen, Les and Chris.


After a lazy afternoon we all went to “Chopstix” in Nantwich for a great Chinese meal, to continue the celebrations.


The birthday boy blows out his token candle!


After refusing many offers from Bill of a lift back to ‘Chance’ we walked back after a wonderful evening of celebration.  Its quite extraordinary what you can come across late at night when the world has all but gone to bed.  This lovely old steam lorry was out for a late night run.

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  1. Jill, Matilda Rose12 August 2013 at 18:17

    How come you guys never seem to put on weight?
    'it's so not fair' she says stamping her foot