Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Anderton outing with friends.


As this photo shows, we had a very relaxing stay on the “flash” yesterday………..


……….. and this morning, at 6 o’ clock, we were treated to the most fantastic sunrise.

We left while the mist was still rising from the “flash” and made our way towards Anderton…………


………. where, one of the seven wonders of the canal system, the famous boat lift, stands proudly between the canal and the River Weaver.  We weren’t planning to use it today but it’s still marvellous to watch it being put through its paces.


We stopped at Anderton to take on board two of our ‘land-based’ friends, Steve and Di and their grandson Ewan, for a little trip up the canal and back.


Ewan felt it very important to wear a lifejacket. So we found him one!


Steve felt it very important to get a bit of steering practice in while enjoying a glass of wine and some nibbles.


We see some strange things on the canals but a Rolls Royce on top of a narrow boat!


Half way through the journey we took on board more members of Steve and Di’s family – their daughter Amy and granddaughter Grace.  Two year old Grace felt very safe and secure in Nanny’s arms.


We headed out through both the Barnton and Saltersford Tunnels which Ewan found very exiting and, after a nice ‘picnic’ (taken while we were going along),we winded the boat and headed back through the tunnels to Anderton again.


The other guest today, which we haven’t mentioned was Harry, Di and Steve’s very cute dog.  He loves being cuddled and thinks he might like being a boating “puppy” in future!


Safely back and moored up at Anderton a group photo of today’s outing was thought absolutely necessary: Steve (with Harry), Di, Doug, Ewan, Amy and Grace.  We’ve loved having everyone on board and, with the weather on the good side again, we’ve all been able to enjoy the day very much.

This evening we’ve been invited to a BBQ at Amy and husband Ali’s home close by so we’re looking forward to that very much.

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