Friday, 16 August 2013

Lovely Lymm

Yesterday evening it rained and rained but we did have and unexpected diversion from our book reading and tele watching.


The local canoe club came past, looking extremely wet but still enjoying themselves.

We’ve done a very quick hop today and stopped at the delightful village of Lymm.  The short trip up the canal was made more interesting by a kingfisher which would fly off in front of us, perch on a branch and then fly off again just before we got to him (as they do).


This is a picture of the kingfisher but the M6 seems to have dominated the scene! (We can’t spot the bird either but it’s a good advert for Mr Stobart!)


At a number of bridges along the Bridgewater canal there are piles of stop planks which all have their own dedicated, and rather ancient, crane to haul them into place.  Nice touch.


Here we are, moored up by 9:30 this morning.  James has already had a good sort out of the gas locker as we had to replace a bottle yesterday and Doug’s taking the windows out and cleaning the frames.  This evening we’re looking forward to the very scrummy fish and chips they do here.

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