Monday, 5 August 2013

Not too wet.

It was another early start this morning, this time in the rain – but who cares, it had stopped before we got to Wheaton Aston.


Before Wheaton we crossed the old Roman road of Watling Street (having last seen it at Gailey) over an elegant stone aqueduct.  Sadly, the real beauty of these structures is seen from beneath and we’re on the top.


The Shropshire Union Canal is known for its cuttings and embankments – known originally as ‘rockings’ and ‘valleys’.  The cuttings, unfortunately, can be very wet, even in summer………


  ……… and the towpaths can be tiresome for walkers – as we found out yesterday.

When we got to Wheaton Aston the rain stopped just in time for Doug to set the only lock of the day.  We filled with drinking water and, when Doug took a look inside the pump-out shed, he found the machine on ‘pause’ so we took advantage and had a free pump out!  It’s only been four weeks since the last pump out and we still have two / three weeks to go but, you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth.


Before leaving Wheaton we also took advantage of the cheap fuel at Turners and duly topped up.  (75.9 p per litre)


We’ve seen a couple of these  “push butties” this year.  It’s better on fuel than pulling something behind you.


The numerous embankments give wonderful, far reaching views.


Just before Gnosall Heath we entered the short but sweet Cowley Tunnel.  The south portal is very dramatic as it plunges us into the sandstone rock………


……… and the north portal is even more so, with its very natural, cave-like appearance.

Not wanting to push our luck with the weather today we moored up at Norbury Junction just after 11 o’ clock.  After a quick walk up to the bridge and back we managed to get into the boat before the rain showers set in for the day. So, as yesterday, we’re tucked up and cosy inside with the rain coming down on the outside.  

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  1. Oh how lucky were you at the pump out! That particular pump out is usually out of order because some local boater keeps putting nappy wipes in their holding tank!

    Now you are exactly in the right place to give Simon at Norbury Wharf a kick from me!!