Tuesday, 6 August 2013

More “rockins”.

It was cold at 6:30 this morning when we left Norbury Junction which needed an extra layer of clothing for a while.  We were soon in Grub Street Cutting, one of two major “rockins” which the Shroppie runs through on our journey today.


The wonderful bridge in Grub Street, which the users of the busy A519 running across it, never realise is there.  The old telegraph pole really is in the middle of the bridge!


What do you get when two hire boats meet at a “bridge 'ole'”?  Panic!


Looking west across the Staffordshire countryside we got a great view of  The Wreakin.


A lovely jack heron keeping his nerve as we pass by.


The next “rockin” on the cruise today is Woodseaves Cutting.  The canal is quite narrow here and cuts through solid rock in a number of places.  Boats have to pass each other as best they can – another panic for the inexperienced boater.


The cutting is prone to subsidence – this one happened last year but has been stabilised with netting.


The cutting is extremely deep in some places hence these wonderful high bridges.


Getting safely out of Grub Street cutting we soon got to the top of the Tyrley flight of 5 locks.  It’s always a pleasure doing this very picturesque lock flight and we never tire of Tyrley (pronounced ‘Turley’).


Half way down (probably) – time seems to be lost in this shadowy sandstone cutting.


Out of the bottom lock and we’re still enjoying the very tight conditions between the solid rock faces.


Talking of faces – something to chuckle about as we head towards Market Drayton.


We spotted this great boat that a lot of us know quite well – the canal world isn’t the same without you Paul and Lynne!

We stopped at Market Drayton to do some shopping – in fact, two lots of shopping -  we decided to have a quick lunch when we got back after the first lot and then went off again for another session. 


Leaving Market Drayton, it was another 40 minutes or so before we got to our favoured mooring sight for today.  A very quiet little location near bridge 66 but we had to negotiate a large fallen branch which, luckily, left an 8 foot gap to get through before we got there. Very soon after mooring up, and before we could ring C&RT, two workmen arrived with a bow saw and lots of enthusiasm.  However, with 8 feet of water between them and the branch there wasn’t a lot they could do.

We’ve had a lovely day, the weather has been good and so has everything else.  We’re enjoying and evening with a glass of wine and the doors and windows open.


  1. I didn't know about the pronunciation of "Tyrley". I'll try to remember that...

  2. Glad the old boat looks okay and that some one is missing us!!!!!! Have bought a bungalow in Capel le Ferne on the Kent coast just waiting for the solicitor to get her finger out and get us in.