Saturday, 17 August 2013


Yesterday afternoon we took a walk from Lymm, along the Trans Pennine Trail, back to Thelwall to have a look at the old ferry crossing on the Manchester Ship Canal.


The area around the ferry crossing point ………..


……….. is immaculately kept, although the lovely old ferryman’s hut needs a little TLC.  (sorry about James’ hand!)


We had a pint in the Pickering Arms in the old village of Thelwall.  King Alfred’s son founded the “city” here in 923 and called it The Wall.


When we returned from our 5 mile round trip who should be waiting for us at the boat but Pauline (from nb ‘Waterlily) who we travelled with for a while on the tideway and Grand Union and her daughter Vicky. We were thrilled indeed to see her and meet Vicky although we were sorry that Neil was not there too.


The boat moored behind us just happened to belong to a couple of our readers, Martyn and Sue, who we had a great chat with…………


……… until the arrival of Corinne and Mark (‘narrow boat build’ blog), who we’ve met several times in the past when we’ve been this way.  We had a marvellous time, enjoying a fish and chip supper with them ………


…….. before Stephen, another friend who lives in the area, came to visit us.  He was just in time to enjoy the blackberry crumble dessert with the rest of us!  We had a brilliant day, with fabulous weather and meeting up with so many friends.


Today was another early start for our journey to Manchester.  On the way we passed the majestic Lino Type Works, an old cotton warehouse.  The best architectural aspect is to the other side but sadly it’s now obscured by newly built housing.


Here we are at Waters Meeting where we turn right for Manchester and left for Liverpool – we turned right! ………..


……… past Old Trafford………


……. and soon were entering, what seems like our second home, Castlefield Basin ………..


……….. where we were able to take up our exact mooring spot that we’ve had every time we visited Manchester!  They must have known we were coming.  We are now looking forward to a few days enjoying the city, as always.


  1. Did everyone know you were coming? Its empty - we had to breast up last year as it was so full! Enjoy (which I am sure you will!) x

  2. Hope there's a spot free for us too at the end of the week, and that you'll still be there! x