Wednesday, 28 August 2013

All quiet now.

After Manchester’s four days of partying,  all seems terribly quiet for those of us still left and the city gets back to normal.  However, it wasn’t dull by any means as we were able to catch up with Ian and Karen from nb ‘Tacet who’ve been our neighbours for the last few days’.


Yesterday Ian and Karen came on board ‘Chance’ for a bit of a catch up chat before we met them later for lunch in the city - where there was much catching up done.  By good fortune we had a chat about cameras and after lunch we went straight out and bought a Lumix TZ40, the same as theirs.  Our Cannon has never been the same since James dropped it in Malta – even though it has been repaired.  So better pics from this point on we hope.


In the  evening we went to Via in Canal Street for a quiet drink.


The atmosphere was decidedly less frenetic after the weekend!

Today we went aboard ‘Tacet’ where we enjoyed coffee and cake with Ian and Karen before their departure today.  Later, while Doug went to the nearby YHA to take advantage of their washing and drying facilities, James went to Museum of Science and Industry (also nearby) to see the very good exhibition on the Human Brain. (No photos allowed!)


Photos were allowed in the Transport Hall of MOSI.  This is only the twelfth Rolls Royce produced ………….


……….. and this is the fastest milk float (in the west!). Recorded at 70.1 mph.


There are some fascinating exhibits to be seen here and worth a visit (in term time not school holidays!).


James got back to ‘Chance’ just in time to wave goodbye to Ian and Karen.  Have a safe and happy voyage both of you and it was really good to catch up again.


An afternoon walk into the city had us passing some of Manchester’s fabulous architecture.  Who can resist taking a picture of the awesome Town Hall.


More Victorian architectural gems await around every corner.



After a bit of shopping we made our way back towards the canal where the stunning iron bridges carrying the railway over the canal are having a striking new coat of paint.  The lock in the distance is the last on the Rochdale Canal before entering Castlefield and the Bridgewater Canal.

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  1. Have enjoyed being your neighbours again. Wonder where we shall meet next? Enjoy your travels and the new camera. lots of love K