Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A walk on the wild side.

We had a really good curry and a pint at “The Boat” pub in Penkridge last evening but before we went we waited……..


……until the rain stopped! A stupendous heavy shower.


A member of the crew enjoying his pint in the pub!

Today we took early advantage of the Wednesday market in Penkridge (Wednesdays and Saturdays near the church) and came away with several bargains.  We set sail at about 11 o’clock in good, but not brilliant, weather and made our way up through the locks towards Gailey and beyond.


Locking is not all hard work! – Doug chatting to a fellow boater, at the inappropriately named “Boggs Lock”, who happened to be someone we’d met on the Trent and Mersey last year.


Our approach into Gailey Lock.  The lovely old toll house (now referred to as "The Round House”) is a great feature of the lock surroundings.  Not so the new bridge, carrying the now widened old roman road of Watling Street across the canal.  It completely obliterates the lovely double arches of the original road bridge just before the lock entrance .


A crew member “Gailey” leaping from one lock gate to the other.

After we’d passed Hatherton Junction we decided to moor up early (again) and found a delightful spot between bridges 75 and 74.


Our mooring for tonight – all alone and miles from anywhere (not really but it feels like it).


Right next to the boat, nestling under the hedge, we found 2 giant puffballs – and they’re edible in this white condition.  Pity because we have tonight’s dinner planned and we don’t have a recipe for puff balls.

This afternoon we took a walk into Coven.  We took the towpath to bridge 72 then walked along the road for a while.  The walk took an interesting turn when we found the wrong footpath and ended up in the middle of a wheat field!  We ventured onward through hedges and ditches and finally found Coven village - from there we headed for the canal. 


The Fox and Anchor was a welcome rest point for a pint and from there we took the towpath back to the boat.  An adventurous 2 hour walk which, as luck would have it, got us back safely aboard ‘Chance’ within minutes of the heavens opening!


  1. Should have given me a call, I have recipes for puff balls! And you're at our local :o) The Fox and Anchor is our boating local. How long are you around for?

  2. Hi Belle can pick the puffballs for you if you like, where are you as we couldn't see your boat in the marina? We are heading down the shroppie, be great to meet up x