Saturday, 18 August 2012

Media City

Last night we started our night out with a drink at The Wharf, which has reopened in Castlefield after being closed for many years.  It has a great atmosphere, a nice outside terrace, where you can eat, and a restaurant upstairs.  We were really impressed with everything about this place and its only been open 6 weeks!


James enjoying his pint at The Wharf  - you can just see ‘Chance’ moored in the background on the right.

We went to Media City today which was a first for us.  A quick walk around the block with Oscar and we were able to take a photo of our mooring here in Castlefield.


‘Chance’ at Castlefield – and then it was off to Media City by tram.


The Imperial War Museum at Media City


James in front of the new BBC television centre.


The Lowry Centre……..


…….and back to Castlefield and The Wharf.  We are going out again tonight and making the most of this great city.  Firstly we’ll have a meal and then onto some bars.

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