Sunday, 12 August 2012

Surprise Surprise!

We have to admit that the last bit of Friday’s blog was a terrible untruth!  We are still, at present, in Nantwich, (we plan to leave tomorrow) but the bit about leaving and going up to Middlewich was all lies to put someone, whose surprise birthday party has been planned for some time, off the scent. The birthday boy was Chris from nb ‘Eleventh Heaven’ who we met at the Crick Boat Show earlier this year.


This is Chris as he entered the room to find 29 of his family and friends waiting to help him celebrate his birthday.  The hero, and organiser, of the moment is modestly standing in the background – Bill from nb ‘New Dawn’ - with his wife Eileen and Chris’s wife Les, she shouldered the huge responsibility of organising and keeping the party a secret from Chris. (Not an easy job!)


Some of the party revellers: Susan, Jayne, Doug, James and sideways Stephen.


This is Bill making his speech and giving his best wishes (from us all) to Chris.  Thanks so much Bill, the evening was splendid beyond all expectations.


Little did Les know that, although she was in on the surprise for Chris, she was not in on the surprise presentation to herself and Chris, as it was also their tenth wedding anniversary as well! Yes it had us all filling up!!


The anniversary cake, decorated with eleven ducks – the design used on the sides of nb ‘Eleventh Heaven’.


Chris sandwiched between Jayne and Doug.  The smiles tell it all.

That was Saturday!  Just going back to Friday, Doug made the trip down to Rugby (and Brinklow Marina) to fetch our car.  The day was very hot, his journey was long (having to change trains twice) and the traffic on the return trip was horrendous.  But he made it!  James spent the day servicing the engine which included oil changes to the engine and gearbox and drive belt tensioning and, when the sun got too hot, reading his new Julian Clary book!

Today we awoke from a good, but short, nights’ rest after our late Saturday night.  Stephen and Jayne from nb ‘Dolce Far Niente’, stayed  with us on ‘Chance’ overnight and, after a cooked breakfast Jayne and Doug made the most of having the car by going into Crewe to do a bit of shopping.  We took Stephen and Jayne back to their boat at Norbury Junction where we all enjoyed a mid afternoon lunch at “The Junction” pub (our day has been somewhat out of kilter!).


Stephen, Jayne and Doug (at table 15).

This evening we popped up to Swanley Marina to leave the car there. We’ve booked into the marina for 2 weeks to go home at the end of August so the car will be there for us when we return from Manchester.


A bad shot of James with Lyn on board nb ‘Niamh’ at Swanley Marina this evening before Chris kindly ran us back to ‘Chance’ at Nantwich.  We weren’t allowed to leave without a small glass of wine and some nibbles!  We’re looking forward to travelling with Chris and Lyn this week.


  1. Glad you had a good time, you can start telling the truth as to your whereabouts now! We saw Dolce Far Niente being moved from the arm this morning as we were using the services. Can you order some more 'Chance' weather please? :-)

    Ali x

  2. Hi Ali and John, will try and get some chance weather down to you!