Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Dry Run

It was a calm and pleasant evening we enjoyed above Deptford Lock last night….


….as this photo shows.  The mornings and evenings are, more often than not, some of the best times of the day on the cut.

This morning, which started off very damp indeed, did keep dry for us on our two and a half hour run up to Penkridge.  What luck!


On the way our approach to Acton Trussell was heralded by immaculately manicured properties, in fact,virtually every canal side property was equal in its presentation right through the village and out the other side.  It was all rather nice.


Lawns like billiard tables wherever we look!


At Shutt Hill Lock the approach needed some care – especially when handling a camera at the same time!

We stopped off at Midland Chandlers to get a few items we needed  (Elsan loo blue 2 x 4 litres for £20 on offer) after reading in a recent boating magazine not to use yeast tablets in the tank as this causes a build up of sludge and gassing off.  We have decided to go back to loo blue after trying the tablets over a couple of months.

At Penkridge we made several attempts at trying to moor up below the locks but there just wasn’t quite the depth of water we needed to get into the side.  We don’t often have trouble getting in even though we draw 30” but, failing to find a suitable place, we went up through the locks to the 5 day moorings above Filance Lock.  Getting out of Filance lock, however, was another matter………


…….this was the scene which greeted us as ‘Chance’ came up in the lock.  A working boat with its butty in a somewhat compromising position.


We waited patiently while the debacle was sorted out.

Safely moored now, we’ve done a quick shop at the co op and back for a bit of Olympic viewing.  We noticed on our way into the village that it’s curry evening in ‘The Boat’ at bridge 86 tonight and, with nothing planned for tonight’s dinner, that's where we’ll be.


  1. hi Both
    Like the new picture of Chance
    Bob June and Phoenix

  2. Hi Bob June and Phoenix, Can't take the credit for the picture, Irene on Free Spirit took it as they left us at Tixall Wide. Doug

  3. Bruce in Sanity has left a new comment on your post "Dry Run":

    Hi folks

    Expected you to have caught up with us long before this! We plan to be at the Fox and Anchor tonight, then onto the Shroppie tomorrow.

    Which mag had this slur on yeast? We have zilch probs with it after using it for at least four years now.

    Take care and love to Oscar


  4. Hi Bruce and Sheila. Moored just before Bridge 74 tonight, did pass Sanity when we walked back from Coven along the canal but don't think you were at home. I am sure we will catch you up soon.