Friday, 10 August 2012

Overnight in Nantwich

We left our Coole Pilate mooring about 11 o’clock yesterday, saying our farewells to John and Ali (and taking half of Ali’s, newly baked, walnut cake with us!).  It was only a short hop to our next planned resting place of Nantwich.

Shropshire Union Nantwich to Coole Pilates

Lovely day – the sky as blue as the boat.

At the lower of the two Hack Green locks we met our friends Jan and George, with their family and friends, on board nb ‘Lady Patricia’ coming the other way.  We knew they were on their way to Audlem for lunch – what a way to travel!


Nb ‘Lady Patricia’, with a gleaming new (Andy Russell) paint job, leaving Hack Green lock.

We arrived in Nantwich about 1pm with the intention of getting our “black water” pumped out at the new service area.  We’ve done about four or five weeks of travelling since the last pump out and, coincidentally, the warning light came on at Coole Pilate (giving us another 10 days before it becomes urgent).  After the pump out we winded and went back to find a mooring for the night.


Enjoying a glass of wine in the evening sunshine.


Jan and George stopped briefly on their way back to Swanley Marina after a good lunch.


George, Stephen and Jan.  Mind that new paintwork! (and mine)


We took Oscar for a late evening stroll – across the aqueduct and down towards the town centre.  He was on a bit of roll and did very well with distance but we had to carry him a lot of the way back!  Nantwich is full of lovely old buildings and even the new ones have been designed to blend in very well.


A sneaky look up a few allies and you can find some real gems – even if they’re past their sell by date.


Sadly we didn’t stop.


Towards the town centre.


The lovely old Savings Bank.

This morning we winded again and left Nantwich.  Turning right at Barbridge Junction we are now heading up the Middlewich Arm - hoping to visit Manchester in the next couple of weeks .


  1. Hi Guys
    Hope you are both well. Are you Stopping Chester by any chance? Would love meet up for a natter again and buy you both a drink.
    Steve and Chris

  2. I have a daft question, do you guys know how to pronounce Coole Pilate?? I've been there but I've never actually heard anyone say it! :)

  3. Hi Steve and Chris, we are turning right at Barbridge and heading towards Manchester this time, hope to catch up with you both for a drink maybe later in the year....

  4. Hi Neil, I think its Cool Pilot? but so many boaters say it in other ways, even cool pil-ate-tays!

  5. I like 'cool pilot', I'll go with that! Thanks Doug! Neil