Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Homeward bound

For the last few days we’ve been retracing our footsteps on our homeward journey (which will be Swanley Marina on the Llangollen Canal) where we will leave ‘Chance’ while we go back to Sussex for a couple of weeks.  Here are a few pics. of the last few days:-


Tunnels are always a little adventure – this one is at Preston Brook, which marks the end of the Bridgewater Canal and the beginning of the Trent and Mersey.


One of our moorings near bridge 211.  A lovely BBQ provided by Lyn and Chris on nb Niamh.


Our next mooring, arguably one of the finest on the canal system, was on the large “flash” to the south of bridge 181.  Acres of open, peaceful water with lovely views. The crew always seem to be resting!


Nibbles before dinner on board ‘Chance’.


Late evening on the “flash”.


Onward we go with nb ‘Niamh’ leading - the canal is getting very narrow in many places due to the reeds growing across.


Back at Middlewich we go back through The Wardle Canal (the shortest one at about 150feet long!)  Nb ‘Niamh’ is just entering Wardle Lock.

We travelled the whole length of the Middlewich Arm today and are now moored outside the Barbridge Inn.


A very busy place!  Nb ‘Niamh’ in the foreground on one side of the canal and ‘Chance’ on the pub moorings opposite– the only two places left.

As this is our last evening together we are all having dinner in the pub tonight.

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  1. Hi great pics we are not far away just outside Chester

    NB Sell- Bell