Friday, 17 August 2012

Manchester for the weekend

Yesterday evening we all went to the Italian restaurant in Lymm for our first meal “out” this week.  The afternoon had been very hot and we spent most of it sunning ourselves on our respective rear decks and talking to the passers by.


Chris, Lyn and Doug by the Lymm village pond on our way to the ‘Italian’.


The same three ‘partners in crime’ enjoying the meal.  A really nice end to a lovely day.

Today Lyn and Chris on nb ‘Niamh’ stayed in Lymm for a chill-out weekend while we headed on up the Bridgewater Canal towards Manchester.  An uneventful three and a half hours got us to the outskirts of the city.  The Bridgewater Canal is deep and wide with solid edges on both sides so we could open ‘Chance’ up a bit on some of the stretches and made good progress.  Although the weather forecast was for heavy rain we had a completely dry run right through, even with some sunshine at times….


Although not football fans we had to take this picture of Old Trafford – the canal runs too close to get a better shot.


We pass Pomona Lock which takes you down onto the Manchester Ship Canal.  To make that passage you need to book in advance through the MSC authorities.


Anyway, on we go and the city centre gets closer – some of the lovely old warehouse buildings are still in need of some TLC.  On the right is an entrance to one of the old wharfs feeding the warehouses in the industrial heydays – there are many of these along this stretch.


Oscar was wild with enthusiasm(!) as we got closer to the city.  When we came to Manchester last year we never thought he would see it again – oh ye of little faith.


There are some wonderful old bridges on the way in (and some wonderful graffiti!)


Entry into the Castlefield Junction and the basin where we’ll stay  for a couple of days.  When we turned the corner and gently cruised into the basin we were amazed to find that the exact spot of our mooring last year was empty and waiting for us - and the sun came out as well.

After tying the boat up we took Oscar for a short walk then, leaving him on the boat, we took a walk up Deansgate  for lunch at Pesto, where the rain stayed off just long enough for us to eat outside.  It rained gently for about an hour, which was very welcome, as it has been so humid today. It is now dry and very pleasant – just right for a evening out “on the town”.


Doug enjoying our al fresco meal at Pesto in Deansgate (highly recommended).  The architectural gem of the John Rylands Library building in the background.


  1. Hi Guys, looks like we missed you again. We were going to look out for you this weekend in Lymm, maybe next time !!!

  2. Oscar's Bucket List:
    Manchester... been there, done that, twice already!
    On to the next.
    No time to spare.
    Pass the pasta please.

  3. Hi Mark and Corinne will be in Lymm on Sunday late afternoon and overnight will look out for you both.

    Hi Louis We admire your observation, the pasta was great, Oscar would have enjoyed it too had he been able to walk that far!