Saturday, 4 August 2012

Weekend in Wheaton Aston

We had a good meal at The Hartley Arms last night.  It was a nice warm evening, and Friday to boot, so it turned out to be quite busy in the pub.

Today we were expecting heavy showers as the weather forecast predicted but, apart from one very minor splash, long sunny periods have won the day.  We spent most of the day outside chatting to other boaters and passers by and just relaxing with the papers.  James did some polishing (the bow this time!) recharged the stern tube greaser and blacked the areas of the hull that had been scuffed in the last few days.  Doug baked a quiche for tonight.  We had a grocery delivery at 10am this morning as we realised last night that the cupboards were getting a little low.  We were very impressed that Asda delivered this morning so quickly and it was no trouble carrying things from the bridge. 


Not many photos unfortunately as we’ve  had such a lazy day.  This is our very pleasant mooring at Wheaton Aston - very quiet and great to sit and watch the boats pass by.

This evening our friend Arthur brought his daughter Rhiannon and her family to see us. After a quick tour of  ‘Chance’ we all retired to the Hartley Arms for a drink and, as it turned out, another meal.  Doug’s quiche will have to wait until tomorrow!  We all had a great time.


Tash, Ian, Rhiannon, Curtis (with Blaine in front), Arthur and Doug this evening.

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