Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hot afternoon at Coole Pilate

An 8 o’clock start yesterday morning saw us heading down the remaining 13 locks at Audlem in the cool morning air. We were being followed by a loan boater on a Wilderness boat so, for the first half of the lock flight, Doug opened up a top paddle to fill the lock for him. We had to stop this favour when we met a couple of boats coming up the flight.


An idyllic scene in the early morning on the Audlem lock flight.


Always wanted to take a photo of one of these lovely cast iron mileposts.  This one might be original (?).


Same shot as Tuesday but ‘Chance ‘ has replaced nb ‘Ecky Thump’ at the bottom lock (15). We tried to get more black French beans but there were none ready to pick.

No sooner had we left the lock flight than we were hailed by two boats (moored together but probably not known to each other!): Judith and John on nb ’Serena’, who told us they read our blog, and who we would like to thank – its great fun meeting people who read about us.  Also nb ‘Unique’, who we moored next to on the Rufford Arm last year, who enquired about Oscar and were surprised he’s still around! Happy boating to you both.


Looking across the countryside as we came out of  Audlem – the infant River Weaver flows through its own little valley on the left.

It wasn’t long before we’d arrived at Coole Pilate picnic site where we’d arranged to meet John and Ali on nb ‘Triskaideka’ (thirteen in English!) for a BBQ.


A rare picture of James sitting down.

John and Ali duly arrived from Nantwich and, after a catch up chat (and a glass of wine), Ali and James walked the mile to the “secret” nuclear bunker at Hack Green for the afternoon, while John and Doug sat on the towpath and slowly turned the colour of tomatoes!  There are no pictures of the “secret” bunker as it has to remain secret! (actually James forgot the camera).


A very hot afternoon at Coole Pilate.


Retiring to ‘Chance’ for dessert and coffee.  We had a great time with Ali and John and look forward to seeing you guys again soon.

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  1. We used to live at rode Heath which isn't that far from the area u are in !!xx