Sunday, 5 August 2012

Deja Vu

We left Wheaton Aston at 8 o’clock this morning – only because we were about early and everything felt good.  Although the sun has been hiding for some of the day, remarkably,  it has stayed dry.  Today’s journey has taken us through more, very pleasant, tree lined cuttings……. 


…..this one is Rye Hill Cutting with bridge 23 in the distance.


Just along a bit is this lovely crossover / turnover bridge (no 26) where the towpath changes from one side of the canal to the other and allows (in the days gone by) the horses to cross over without decoupling  the tow rope from the boat.


Heading into the tunnel at Gnosall Heath (only 80 yards long but always exciting!)

We refuelled at Norbury Wharf  and on our arrival nb ‘Ecky Thump’ (one of  Hudson’s show boats this year) was having a pump out and the owner very kindly allowed us to breast up while we waited.


Further along the canal we were to find ‘Ecky Thump’ gone aground on some shallows and we were able to return his kindness by towing him off.


We’ve shown this picture before but the photo just has to be taken again.

At 1:30 we arrived at Goldstone Wharf where we’d decided to moor up so that we could watch some of the Olympics.  About an hour later nb ‘The Oak’ moored next to us and it was Deja Vu for them.  Cutting a long story to medium length, they moored next to us in 2009 at Hillmorton,  when we were on our last boat the day before we sold it.  As both our boats have been the same colour they semi recognised us straight away and another catch up chat took place.

Amid baking cakes, polishing one side of the boat and blacking the top of the stove we’ve enjoyed watching further Team GB win even more medals.  A thunderstorm threatened this afternoon but decided to change course so we’ve had lovely sunshine this afternoon. 


Moored at Goldstone Wharf this evening.


  1. Dear Doug & James,

    Sounds like you've had a great day going through the 80 ft tunnel and going under the crossover bridge. i wish i was there to have the sunshine! where have you moored for the night? Can't wait to travel with you next summer, it'll be great :)

    Love from Tash (The one and only!)

  2. Thanks Tash, hope you had a good day today as well. See you soon. Doug x

  3. We had the thunder storm! But not much rain x