Monday, 6 August 2012

A journey in three parts

Our start from Goldstone Wharf, for the first stage of our journey this morning, soon took us into the very deep Woodseaves Cutting.


Oscar, in one of his favourite places, having a cuddle from a member of the crew, as we make our way through the cutting.


Even during its construction this cutting was prone to frequent land slips and this years bad weather has brought further large falls of rock and soil down into the canal.  Rock falls have always been a problem in this cutting and this year the towpath has been closed for safety’s  sake.


In places the cutting can be 80 feet deep, hence the height of this road bridge.

Once out of Woodseaves we were straight onto the top of Tyrley Locks where we moored up as we waited for Stephen and Jayne on nb ‘Dolce Far Niente’ to make their way up the locks to join us for mid morning coffee and cake on board ‘Chance’.  We had a very pleasant hour or so before we all went our separate ways.  While we were moored, Paul and Kath on nb ‘Lola’, as expected, came up through the locks.  We had a very quick “hello” with them and we’re sorry it was not longer.  We look forward to a proper catch up chat next time guys – it was good to see you.  


Saying farewell to ‘Dolce Far Niente’.


At the start of the second stage of the journey we were soon into the top lock of  five in the Tyrley flight (pronounced Turley).


This lock flight is one of our favourites.  It’s so attractive – starting with lock cottages and grassy open locks and descending in to rocky cuttings and overhanging trees.  This was the easiest flight of locks we think we’ve ever worked.  There was a boat coming out of every lock just at the right time which meant we  could leave our gates open for them and they for us.

Leaving the locks behind we were soon in Market Drayton where we had lunch on board before popping into the town for supplies.  Oh dear! the town is looking very down, with even more empty shops it seems than the last time we came.  


The town is not all doom and gloom as there are a few very nice renovations to be seen………..


and some very nice buildings to please the eye.

The third, and final, part of today’s journey was a quick hop from Market Drayton to bridge 66 where we planned our mooring for tonight.  We safely tied up with no one around and we’ve managed (very luckily) to stay clear of most of the rain today.


Dark thunder clouds back and front of us and sunshine in the middle.

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