Monday, 30 June 2014

You have to laugh!

It was like deja vu on Sunday morning.  We were on our way to Wiltshire and then Bristol to catch up with family and friends when, at roughly the same spot on the A27 where we last broke down, – WE BROKE DOWN AGAIN!


This time it was a little too far to limp to the garage so the RAC kindly came to rescue in record time and gave us a tow.  Ignominiously, but quite good fun being towed with a rigid tow bar, we arrive at the garage to be met by our dear friends and neighbours  Nigel and Michele (yes, the same people that met us off “Arcadia” a couple of days before!).  We’d phoned them for help and of course they were only too pleased to assist (and it was they who took this photo for posterity). 


Once back in Selsey, and with a day to spare now, we suggested that the four of us take some BBQ equipment and the canoe down to beach for a bit of fun and a relax in the lovely sunshine.  After we downed a bottle of Champagne (courtesy of N and M) it wasn’t long before Doug and Nigel took off in the canoe ……


……… peddling like stink around all the fishing boats (that’s them slightly left of centre) …….


…….. and then arriving back to shore in some strange sort of triumph.


Next it was James and Michele’s turn.  It was purely Michele’s idea to paddle and peddle at the same time – but James wasn’t complaining!


Again two intrepid seamen set foot on dry land at last …….


……. and soon we all settled down to a lovely BBQ and a few bottles of wine.


All went for a dip in the surprisingly warm water - although for some reason the only photo is of James ………


…….. and then it was back for a another glass of wine before packing up and making the 100 yard journey back home.  As this pic shows, more often than not Selsey seems to get wonderful sunshine when inland it’s all cloudy and dull.

Well, a bit of a disaster turned into a great day in the end and today (Monday) the garage is bending over backwards to get the car fixed for us as the breakdown was due to the same fault as before and the repair was incorrectly carried out the first time.  We now have a courtesy car for the next couple of weeks – that should be fun!

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