Friday, 20 June 2014

The Land of the Midnight Sun.

We’ve arrived in Reykjavik, Iceland this morning – the weather being much better than forecast, but first here are a few pics of life on board “Arcadia”  over the last few days:


It’s all getting a bit strange now - this is 1:30 in the morning! – still daylight, and we don’t know whether we’re supposed to be asleep or not!


This is the glorious Palladium theatre on board (photo as promised).


Late one evening - Doug, James, Jess (gallery manager),and fellow passengers Des and Rupert after a terrific show in the Palladium by the Headliners Theatre Company.


So, this morning, in Reykjavik we first had a quick look around the town and some of our old haunts.  It’s a bit weird as we were here only a year ago! Here’s Doug in front of the fabulous Opera House.


We found this gem of a place last time – it’s the Stofane cafe in the main square (not granny’s siting room!) – very relaxing for coffee and cake or a simple meal.


The very dramatic cathedral dominating the city (which we visited before) but which was on our way to the bus station where we caught the bus ……..


…. and travelled through very typical Icelandic countryside ……..


……. and more Icelandic countryside (lava fields, thermal vents and volcanoes) ……….


…… until we reached the Blue Lagoon - where we met up with half the ship’s crew!


We came here to this thermal spa, about 40 minutes outside Reykjavik, last time but the weather was so atrocious (freezing, gale force winds in February!) and we had a job to enjoy it properly.  This time it was very pleasant and we spent a good couple of hours luxuriating in the very warm waters (from 1500 feet below the surface) and plastering our faces with exfoliating white mud.


After a great day out we arrived back home to “Arcadia”, soon to set sail for our next Icelandic destination of Isafjordur tomorrow and getting ever closer to the Arctic Circle – but that’s for another day.

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