Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Back home and a busy week

On our arrival (from Barcelona) at Gatwick we were greeted by our friend Manel, who had flown in from Fuerteventura earlier in the day.  He’s staying with us for the week and “insists” on being shown as much of England as is feasibly possible so, on Sunday, …


…… his tour of England started with a trip to Bosham just down the coast from us (where the tide comes in and floods the cars in  the car park if their owners are not on the ball!)


The sun was very hot, the water clear and sparkling and the scene from the quayside was just idyllic.  After a nice pint in the balcony of The Anchor Bleu we drove back home ……..  


…… where Doug (yes it’s always Doug!) had the great idea of going out in the canoe – the tide was 2 hours before high water, the sea was calm so James had no reason to argue.


The canoe is a “Hobie” and has two foot operated ‘flippers’ as well as oars.  A rudder and seat backrests make it all very comfortable (what else!).  Doug’s having a few problems here getting the flipper mechanisms the right way round. His first attempt was, of course, the wrong way round and when he and Manel started to peddle they reversed straight back onto the beach!


Within seconds after the second, and more successful, launching they were well on their way to France – it goes like the clappers if you peddle hard enough!


James also enjoyed a trip out but seconds after this he was in the water (fully clothed) when trying to land on the beach.


A good glass of wine a few nibbles on our (very crowded!) beach …


…… then a dip to cool off ended the day for us.


On Monday it was the sights and sounds of Chichester – and the Bishop’s Palace gardens are spectacular with the cathedral as a backdrop.


Manel is a keen naturalist and wanted to see as much of the countryside as possible so, after Chichester,  it was a trip to the Sussex Downs near Goodwood for some long distance views ……..


…… and some fantastic forest walks where the shade of the trees was a real pleasure after the heat of the sun.


After the Sussex Downs it was straight into old Portsmouth to show him some of the delights of Spice Island.  After a meal out we made our way home after a delightful day. The rest of the week looks likely to be just as busy!  

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