Saturday, 28 June 2014

Back Home (for a while!).

Friday evening (at the end of our last day on “Arcadia”) we got into the very busy shipping lanes in the Straits of Dover with just eight hours to go before reaching the Solent.


We had a good view of “Black Watch” (Fred Olsen) as she passed by  ……..


…. and a  lightship in a rather fetching red (although it looked bright pink in the haze).


Our last dinner in the evening was rather sad as always – here we are with our two table waiters Velroy and Lawrence who were so kind and helpful and a great laugh.


This morning (Saturday) we disembarked very efficiently and quietly and waited for our dear kind neighbours Nigel and Michele to collect us and take us home.


Arriving home at just after 10 o’ clock we had plenty of time to unpack, mow the lawns, get some groceries for the next few days, have a ‘kip’ and do loads of washing and ironing. After that we relaxed and had a walk down to the sea with the evening sunshine still warm and wonderful  ………..


…….. and to get a view of “our” ship (“Arcadia”) having set sail from Southampton  and passing the end of our road (well almost).  There she is, having got past the Isle of Wight, on here way to Norwegian Fjords.


A nice ‘zoom pic’ of here as she turns and glints in the sunshine.


And, just to show it really was happening, there she is in the distance and that bloke that was on board her only this morning.

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  1. Welcome home guys.
    I`m sure it won`t be long to the next adventure. God luck to you both, life is short so just do it again and again.