Tuesday, 1 July 2014

A tight squeeze but we’ve done it.

The little Peugeot 208 courtesy car took quite a bit of loading this morning (rather like getting a quart into a pint pot) but we had to get everything in, including our neighbour Nigel, for the next few months on board “Chance” (not Nigel, he was only with us for the day!).  We arrived at Packet Boat marina about mid day and, with Doug choosing the shopping duties, James and Nigel were left with taking on water and then pumping out the toilet tank.


With all the ‘dirty’ work out of the way we set off for Paddington for, what will be, our last week in London.  We’re hoping to meet up with friends and have an exciting day on the tideway before heading out of the capital to enjoy the summer further afield.  Nigel enjoyed a glass of sloe gin and tonic on deck with James …….


……. and Doug as we cruised along in the sunshine.


We were very pleasantly surprised when we got to Paddington Basin to find two spaces free.  Not bad for July!  We were informed that major work in the basin is scheduled for tomorrow.  The new bridge is being installed at the far end.  Here’s some interesting looking pieces waiting on one of the barges ……..


….. and dozens of workmen very busy laying an awful lot of concrete.


With only an hour or so before Nigel had to catch his train back home we had a very pleasant al fresco meal at the Grand Union pub at the end of the basin.

We’ve had a really good day and it was a great pleasure to have Nigel with us on his first trip on “Chance”. Next time we hope to have both Nigel AND Michele.


  1. how exciting - what a fabulous winter you've had. where u heading this summer guys?

  2. You pair have a really tough life. I'm not sure how you cope with it. II think we'll have to book another cruise to get ready for the next time we meet on a quoits court
    John M