Thursday, 19 June 2014

Settling in on “Arcadia”– day 2.

The first three pictures of ourselves seem terribly self indulgent but we had our first formal evening yesterday…….


…… and as the shadows lengthened on the rear deck we asked our friend Dolreich (fortuitously on duty in the area) to take this one of us in all our finery.


Then, of course, we wanted one of each of us with him …..


….. which he was very obliged to do for us!


After our little ‘photo shoot’ it was onward to the Captain’s welcome party where we had a couple of glasses of Champagne, (courtesy of P&O) before the gala dinner which included Lobster, one of Doug’s favourites!  Followed by a very good and late evening out with some of the Entertainments Officers…………


Today a momentous thing happened – (the not very competitive) James won the shuffle board! and was presented with his first gold star of the cruise.  These little things in life DO matter! (He also enjoyed the second talk in the Concorde series while Doug was busy winning the deck quoits competition).


Here he is with his winning team mate (Chris P) and their prize winning “paddles”.


There are some very nice touches around the ship – this is the glass roof above the central staircase …..


……. and the staircase itself.  We haven’t yet got a good pic of the Palladium Theatre which is stunning and arguably the best on any ship.  We will get one so watch this space.


For those who love the sea this is the view along the ship from our balcony as we head towards Iceland – for those who aren’t interested in water it’s as boring as heck (sorry!).

Ship Fact: “Arcadia” moves 58 feet for every gallon of fuel.

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  1. Hardly surprising you both win the deck competitions far too much practice all the cruisers you go on - could be called professionals !!

    Enjoy the cruise and yes I love the sea photos

    Take care

    Nev NB Percy