Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Sun Still Shines in Sitges

It’s been a gloriously sunny week here in Sitges - here are some shots of the luxurious villa we’re occupying this week:


With 15 of us vying for various positions (!) it’s very akin to being in the Big Brother House!


Above this vast lounge / kitchen level are 10 bedrooms and almost as many bathrooms. Below ground is a sauna, squash court, snooker room, wine cellar and garaging.


Outside of course is the pool with very sensible Astro-turf and automatic blinds for the windows – as a consequence of all this luxury it’s been a very lazy, relaxing week for all concerned.


On Tuesday we had a celebration for Mark’s birthday which started, of course, with Champagne ……..


……. and a make shift birthday cake – here’s Olly presenting partner Mark with a candle lit melon! ( he had his main cake on an earlier evening).


We had a great spread with fabulous BBQ food cooked by Mark.


Yesterday was an “active” day when Mark, Olly, Justin, Doug and James went to Barcelona to visit the awesome, Antoni Gaudi designed Sagrada Familia. It just seems to thrust its self from the earth – the detail is just mind blowing ……..


…. until you get inside and it just takes your breath away.


The only real way to start absorbing this startling cathedral is to sit still for 20 minutes or so, just look around and get your breath back.


It’s just a forest of stone and marble …….


……. with detail that just defies description.


The light streams in from outside through the most stunning stained glass ………


…… which is reflected of every surface to produce a kaleidoscope of colour.


Everything is and art form in its own right but as a whole it’s just one organic creation.


Going up one of the many towers is yet another breath taking experience.


The detail on the pinnacles is extraordinary – the cranes and the scaffolding tell that the building is not only still in construction but parts of it are undergoing renovation!


There are bridges from one tower to another which give the opportunity for viewing this lovely city.


This is part of the Christmas Tree in the centre at the front of the building ……….


…….. and there are little cantilevered balconies for the brave to step out on.


Even the staircases are a work of art (and, although James wasn’t too keen to step out onto the balconies he did manage the courage to lean over to take this shot!)


At the end of a wonderful afternoon in the Sagrada Familia, and thanks to Mark’s knowledge of Barcelona, we retired to the quirky but beautiful confines of the Cafe de l’Opera for a drink before taking the train back to Sitges. Mark, Doug, Justin and Olly leaving the cafe to catch the train.


  1. Hi Doug, James et al...
    It looks superb :)
    One tiny gripe though, your photos have not uploaded to the 'correct' folder, so we can't see you in all your glory... LOL
    Kevin xx & Harry xx

  2. Hi guys, the villa looks very nice. Your melon cake - I can remember when I lived in Gran Canaria, we used to get a massive water melon, insert a straw, and gradually fill the whole melon with a bottle of vodka, it made for a very entertaining fruit snack. Keep having fun. Jacquie