Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Arcadia–our first day at sea.

We the left port slightly earlier than scheduled yesterday and made our way down Southampton Water. Once out in the Solent we steered, what we thought, was an odd course – first heading west then turning sharp to port to head east and around the Isle of Wight.


Travelling down Southampton Water and into the Solent  P & O’s traditional “sail away” party took place on the rear terrace deck and, although rain threatened, it all went off very well.


As is usual, Southampton Water is a very busy place and everywhere there is something happening.  Here we have a very speedy catamaran, bound for the Isle of Wight, creeping up on our blind side!


Our strange course took us close to one of the Solent forts –this one now being a hotel we believe.


All the while we’re escorted by the pilot boat ready to pick up the pilot when we reach the area around the Nab Tower.


Further out the Royal Navy, heading into port,  passed across our bows with our “homeland” of Selsey Bill in the far distance.


Today the weather has been a great improvement on yesterday.  We’ve played the odd competition of deck quoits and shuffle board and James enjoyed the first of six lectures on Concorde.  We’re amazed at the amount of space on this medium sized ship – both inside and out.  it’s a great contrast with “Ventura” which, despite its size, seemed very cramped.


The wonderful weather changed dramatically for a while this afternoon as we went through a fog bank.  It was a bit of an eerie atmosphere, with the fog horn sounding regularly for about an hour.  The weather has now returned to “normal” and this evening we are in the Irish Sea with gorgeous sunshine on our balcony and steaming in through the windows.  We’ll soon be dressed to the nines and attending the Captains ‘welcome aboard’ Gala party this evening.  “Et in Arcadia ego”.

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