Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Going “out” in the West End.

We took a very quiet exit from Paddington Basin at 6:30 this morning (so’s not to wake our neighbours Del and Al on ‘Derwent6’!) Actually we walked ‘Chance’ out of it’s mooring, pushed the bow out and swung the back around on the rear rope before starting the engine.  We didn’t even wake the ducks!

With ‘Chance’ now back in Packet Boat marina for a while, we’re now back home in Selsey (cutting lawns and hedges and things) and preparing for another jaunt abroad next week.

However, we can’t forget our night out in Soho with Del and Al and Sam and Tanya before we left.


After visiting the very busy ‘Comptons’ we looked in on ‘The Yard’ where it was a bit quieter (until we got there that is!). Here’s us: Del, Tanya, Al, Doug,Sam and James in a “quiet” corner.


After that it was ‘Manbar’ where a charity event was taking place.  Food and drinks and good music (and a very capable smoke machine!) made for a great evening. Tanya, Sam, Al, Del and Doug – it was all a bit of a haze.


By the time we got out into the fresh air the Tube trains had shut and so it had to be the “No 23”.  We were all tucked up by 3:30 so it wasn’t too late!

We had a fab evening with all of you guys – thanks so much and we look forward to meeting up again very soon.

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  1. We all had such a good time, thanks for a great evening as always. Have a fab holiday and see you soon x