Thursday, 22 May 2014

Lazy Days at Hampton and Kingston

Leaving our moorings at Teddington Lock on Monday morning we cruised up to Shepperton Marina for fuel and water. 


Now we’re on the non tidal Thames we have the pleasure of viewing some of the super-duper properties both on land ……….


……. and on the water.


We passed Hampton Court, which was to be our mooring for the night on our return from Shepperton.


Olly took most of the strain of steering again – bless him!


The weather was a scorcher again and, although there were few craft on the water we were treated to the company of two cruisers in Sunbury lock.  They didn’t seem to have the fear that some of them have of being crushed by a narrow boat -although we could have taught them a thing or two about lassoing a bollard first time!


Fuelled and watered and back down to the moorings at Hampton Court, in the evening we took the short walk across the river to East Molesey ………


……. for our last meal with Olly at Mezzet a wonderful Lebanese restaurant, before his return to Manchester. We’ve so much enjoyed his company again over the last few days.

Olly caught the train on Tuesday morning and we soon left Hampton Court as the boat was being covered with a very fine dust being blown off the concrete mooring.  It was a very brief trip down river to Kingston on Thames where we’ve spent the last three days (among other things) washing and cleaning the boat of all the dust.


By chance, we caught up with Selsey friend Phillip who was in the area for the day.  We met up at The Ram, directly opposite our mooring, where we were also treated to some Morris Dancing during the evening.


Today we met up again with our “Oriana” cruise friends Derek and Jane for lunch at The Albany on the river front near Hampton Court.  The meal was splendid as was the company (as always!) and, we had free entertainment ……….


……. by watching the customers on the terrace trying to enjoy their meal in the torrential thunder storm that hit the area mid day.


However, as the saying goes “he who laughs last laughs longest” and when we got back to ‘Chance’ the said storm had undone a lot of our cleaning work! Oh well ……


…….. we sit here in Kingston this evening cosy, and on our own, and ready for an exciting day tomorrow.  Its Tideway again!!!

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