Friday, 16 May 2014

Yippee - Another St Pancras CC Weekend!

We had a couple of days in Paddington this week and had a delightful unplanned visit by ……..


…….blog readers Glyn and Dawn from nb ‘The Grand Affair’.  They joined us for a glass of wine or two on ‘Chance’ and we’ll be seeing them again this weekend as they’ll be part of the tideway cruise.  Thanks for calling to see us guys.


This week saw the refilling of the end part of the Paddington basin which now makes the area look much better with the coffer dam removed. It took a day and a night to fill!

Yesterday our dear friend Olly from nb ‘Queen Maeve’ came down from Manchester by train to join us for a few days and experience the tideway cruise.


This morning (Friday) friends Del and Al from nb ‘Derwent6’ floated into the basin in time to join us for cake and coffee and a chat before we left to travel the Regents Canal to Limehouse.  This is Olly, Doug, Al and Del full of cake and coffee.


Our record breaking trip along the Regents Canal to Limehouse in 4 1/4 hours (!) was a busy affair – the world and his brother seemed to be out enjoying the sunshine. Here we’re waiting for the lock while the crowds eat their lunch and look on.


At Kings Cross there was not much space left for anyone else on the terrace.


Further down the canal a rare occurrence happened – James was seen with a windlass in his possession!  This just has to be recorded. It seems James and Olly are locked in some important conversation here.


Olly took the tiller for some of the journey which allowed James to do more lock work!

We’re now safely breasted in Limehouse basin with a good proportion of the boats taking part in tomorrow’s tideway cruise and looking forward to Commodore Andrew’s famous briefings followed by another good meal in the Yacht Club.


Another visitor as we arrived in Limehouse, Olly’s friend  Ricardo who lives nearby came bearing a bottle of champagne so we are just about to open on that!

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