Sunday, 4 May 2014

Bumper day at the Cavalcade.

Saturday was the first of the 3 day IWA canal cavalcade in Little Venice, which is only a stone’s throw from Paddington Basin ……..
……. where we were treated to a number of “craft” – this one being the most interesting.  Firstly, due it’s fabulous condition and appearance and, secondly, because the owner made a real hash of turning the thing right by our boat and promptly falling in in front of a group of us.  The group included Marion and Michael of  ‘ nb Duxllandyn’ who we first met at the Crick show two years ago and who were here for the cavalcade. Nice to have such a good chat with them.
The sunshine certainly brought our the crowds in Little Venice and the boats were a treat with all the decorations.
It was a great atmosphere with all the colour and hubbub  with plenty of people dangling feet in the water to cool off.
Returning to ‘Chance’ to give James a quick rest we took advantage of ‘MB Ash’ to get a top up of fuel.  There was a film crew with ‘Ash’ (on top of the back cabin) so, who knows, we might be famous one day!
The ‘apprentice’ made a reasonable job of it while the ‘engineer’ is indisposed!
At 4 o’ clock we made our way back to Little Venice to take up our invitation to join Andrew and Frances on nb ‘Doris Katia’ for their tow path ‘soiree’ for St Pancras CC members and other various dubious members of the boating fraternity (that’s how we got an invite!).  We had a great time in the evening sunshine …..
……. with a great view of all the boats completely filling the pool at Little Venice.
Thanks so much to Andrew and Frances for their brilliant hospitality.


  1. It was good to meet you both agin too and good to see James looking and feeling so well. There's not many folk that would jog along the quayside to help a fellow boater that had just taken a dip. Especially when they were just a couple of days out of surgery! Hats off to you James :-)
    Our journey back to Tring was a long one thanks to the railway maintenance programme but we slept well! It was indeed a good day.

    1. Lovely to meet you both again Mike and Marion, hope to see you again on the cut this year.

  2. Oh the hand photo!! Glad all went well. Hope to see you along the water over the summer. Nick and Emma (marpessa)