Thursday, 8 May 2014

Social calendar back on track.

James has made really good progress and his battle scars and bruises are not much more than a distant memory – although the hair growing back is beginning to itch!  With that said, last weekend saw a resumption of one of the things we like best – meeting up with friends.


On Sunday Rob, one of James’ oldest friends (oldest in terms of friendship that is!) popped in to see us.  Not having seen each other for many years it was a mega catch up chat with a break for lunch in the Pride of Paddington. Here’s Rob and Doug with no beer left.

On Wednesday afternoon we caught up with Queen Mary II cruise friends Jonathan and Alastair. Being Jonathan’s birthday the afternoon drifted into the evening.


James, Jonathan, Doug and Alastair in the Duke of Wellington in Soho was one establishments which benefited from our custom.


Another, rather more up market ‘establishment’ which we visited was the Rosewood Hotel in High Holborn where enjoyed a very pleasant blues trio in the bar ……….


……… and also enjoyed some of the other facilities the hotel had to offer.  This is the gents’ restroom!


Here’s James, Jonathan and John enjoying a second round of drinks.  The stratospheric drinks bill was tempered by the fact that we enjoyed the complementary free water served in goblets.  But that’s what life’s about really – revelling in friendships both old and new and not to count the cost.

Today we had a lovely visit from Doug’s parents who came for a spot of lunch and a chat aboard ‘Chance’.


Derek, Doug and Vilma having a cosy time while the rain lashed down outside.

This afternoon we made our way out to Hounslow to catch up with Dolreich, our sommelier from our “Aurora” cruise.  He was in transit from India, where he’s enjoyed a two month break in his work with his family, and will board his new ship “Arcadia” in Southampton tomorrow.  Stupidly, we forgot to get a picture while we where with him.  Sorry Dolreich but is was fantastic to see you again.

Tomorrow we head along the Regents Canal to Limehouse for the next weekend of St Pancras Cruising Club events.


  1. I have been extremely lax in my reading of blogs of late due to ongoing engine problems and the turmoil that it creates.

    I am so sorry to hear that James has been so poorly but equally so pleased now I read this blog at his very fast bounce back..

    He hasn't got time to waste time has he!


  2. Glad to hear your feeling much Better James. Hopefully meet up soon guys.x