Monday, 26 May 2014

Lazy Bank Holiday.

After our wonderful day last Friday when we travelled down the Thames from Teddington to Limehouse and then back up the Regents Canal – and the fact that the weather this Bank Holiday weekend  has been poor, we’ve decided to be very lazy (sort of!)


Saturday we had some very heavy showers, so we feel we can look the Crick Boat Show in the face as the weather has not been so good for them either.


Still, the sun has shone as well and, on Sunday when we had a good spell of sunshine, James managed to clear out the entire contents of the gas locker (only gas bottle of course!) and dry everything out after the deluge of water we took over the bow after Friday’s excitement.  We’re privileged this weekend to be moored next to Del and Al on nb ‘Derwent6’ and have them as our neighbours. Our side hatches are almost opposite so we have some great morning chats ‘over the garden fence’………..


…….. and, as always, Del and James are head to head for the “shiniest boat” competition!


We had a surprise during our Saturday night out in Soho when we spent an hour or so in the company of Jean Paul Gaultier who was out with friends on a birthday celebration.  Sunday saw us out for the afternoon looking up, and having a drink, with a few London friends in Vauxhall.

Today we’ve been ultra lazy – got up late, did the washing and now hunkered down for afternoon, as the weather is in another one of it’s ‘threatening’ modes.

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