Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A Leisurely “Regency”.

Just after our fantastic experience in the Olympic Park over the weekend we received this stunning photograph ………

Olympic Park 100514 063

……… of ‘Chance’ with one of the most dramatic backgrounds we’re ever likely to get.  Our grateful thanks go to Roger Squires for his wonderful photography.

On Monday morning we left Limehouse Basin after a lovely quiet night, planning to make gentle progress up the Regents Canal over the next few days.


On the canal side this proud mum was still sitting on her eggs two days ago – now she has four, day old signets and just one egg to go. The ‘dad’ was fiercely protecting his territory and intended to take on any narrow boat that cared to to pick a fight.


We had help with our journey on Monday in the form of friend Paul who lives close by and had the day off work, so was very happy to spend a lovely sunny day with us on the canal.  Thanks Paul, we hoped you enjoyed your experience.


We chose to moor up for the night near Kings Cross and the next boat just happened to be a floating Cocktail Lounge, with its own still!


Trading as Vestal Voyages (Cocktails and Cruising), the owner William and his barman Mark were very welcoming and happy to show us around ……..


………. before they received some corporate clients from Google. 



Today saw us passing through St Pancras, where the No 8 Gasometer has now been fully reconstructed and will form the centre piece of the new development opposite the Cruising Club. 


Camden locks is being used for some filming over the next few days with some disruption to canal traffic, so we were luck to be there early today. We’ve hunkered down early today and lit the fire as the weather has turned a bit nasty.


  1. Yes photography is stunning and the Olympic Park looks very good place to enjoy and spent very good quality time.

  2. Hi Guys
    I read regularly but this is my first comment. I live in Stratford and have done for most of my life. The top pic is great, in the days it was all marsh land I used to go horse riding over there and had to take a very skittish horse over that little blue bridge. I was only saying the other day, how lovely it would be to see some boats using the waterway. I am sad I missed it. Maybe another time.