Thursday, 1 May 2014

Operation “James” and other things.

The morning of the James’ operation on Tuesday dawned with the 48 hour London tube strike in full swing.


The promised opening of the station gates at Paddington at 7 o’ clock didn’t happen so, with time running out fast, a quick panic set in and we eventually caught the no7 bus to Acton and arrived just 20 minutes late at the Hammersmith hospital to no great surprise by the staff.


The skilled and wonderful doctors, nurses and theatre staff did their superb jobs for three hours or so and James arrived back into this beautiful world with various extra holes in his body.  Two of them being in either side of his groin (where the catheters went in) and where they’d shaved the area to leave what can only be described as a little Hitler moustache! Disappointingly, there’s no picture of this – instead here’s one of the some other points of entry.  The leg wear are pressure stockings and not something he’s prone to wearing in bed!


All the staff, from the surgeons to the cleaners, were so very helpful and the operation seems to have been a great success.  However, it was a great feeling to leave the hospital confines and get out into the wonderful sunshine on Wednesday.


Waiting outside the hospital for our lift, he’s looking better than he feels here, as the anaesthetic was still taking its toll. Our “Oriana” cruise friends, Jane and Derek, who live in London, very kindly offered to collect us and take us back to the boat ………


……. where we enjoyed a very nice Italian delicatessen lunch which Jane and Derek brought with them.

Now, most importantly, we have to say an enormous “thank you” to the many friends who have sent messages of love and support.  The number of people who have messaged us (and especially to James) has been quite overwhelming.  Apart from feeling very knocked about (including below the belt!) James is doing very well and is looking forward to burning the candle at both ends again as soon as is humanly possible. Thank you to all of you for so much support.

Talking of burning the candle at both ends, we’ve received some great shots of us, taken from bankside, on the recent tideway cruise with the St Pancras CC.


Here we are passing HMS Belfast in the Pool of London ……


….. and up river heading towards Brentford.

London Cruise boats ahead

Also one of us in the midst our little flotilla of narrow boats on the same cruise ….

London Cruise Chance

…. and a super one of us in Limehouse Basin just before we entered the River Thames.  Thanks so much to the people who took and sent these pictures to us.

Also last weekend we had a great Saturday evening at St Pancras CC where, ……


…. in their beautiful Victorian water tower, we enjoyed a very informative talk and slide show of the waterways of Thailand and the bridge over the River Kwai ….


…. with a great Thai meal afterwards cooked by Commodore Andrew’s wife Frances. Thanks to all for this supper evening.

This morning (Thursday) we were visited by Adam from nb ‘Briar Rose.  Coffee, cake and a catch up chat was much enjoyed. Thanks for popping in Adam.


  1. That is such good news, our NHS gets some bad press. But what the people do it fantastic, hope you are soon back to the normal partying and cruising on big ships and little boats. Take care

    Nev & Rachel

    1. Thanks Nev, I'm sure he will be back to normal soon !

  2. Jill, Matilda Rose1 May 2014 at 14:51

    Don't let him do too much too soon. Brilliant news x

    1. Thanks Jill, He alreday wants to clean the boat! Hope life is getting better on the continent. xx

  3. Great news that James is home and doing well. Thoughts with you both. Elly and Mick x

  4. Yeah, what excellent news, home safe & sound.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery James and hoping the
    re-growth doesn't prove to be too itchy... LOL
    Kevin xx & Harry xx

    1. Thanks Kevin! Trust you to think of that! Hope you are both well. xxx

  5. Caroline and Martin1 May 2014 at 20:37

    Well done James, hope you take note of your body and rest well, then rest some more when you think you are ready, Caroline

  6. Fantastic news James. Now make the most of recuperating by letting Doug do all the work. You know how much he enjoys it! (: Hope to see you on the 'little boat' soon. Xxxx

  7. Hi James, we are glad to hear that your operation went so well and hope that you'll be back to your old self soon.

    Stay well guys, hope to see you out and about, Heather & Roger

  8. So pleased it went well for you James, and like everyone else has said you must take it easy and let your bod recover :-) Love to you both xx

  9. Oh Excellent news!! So relieved to hear all went well and you are both back home together.
    Jaq and Les

  10. Good news and take care both of you. Have a great weekend together. God bless,

  11. Great news all went well for James, take it easy young man and don't over do it. Take care you two and hope our paths cross again sometime. Taking a leaf out of your book and hoping to do a fjords cruise in June, something we've wanted to do for ages. Never know we might see you on board! �� hugs from Vik & Simon x x

    1. Hi Guys, How are you both? Seem to have mislaid your email, be good to hear from you. Doug x