Saturday, 23 June 2012

Back to Brinklow.

We got into the marina this morning. The wind was blowing quite strongly which can make it tricky to get into the mooring.  So it was with relief that we remembered that we passed our marina neighbour (nb ‘Hannah’) out on the cut a while back so, with ‘Hannah’ gone, there would be more room for us to reverse into our mooring.  With extreme luck we managed to slide gracefully in on the first attempt in spite of the strong side wind.  We set about getting the inevitable “few jobs” done and out of the way today so it will be a quick car packing job in the morning and we can be off back to Selsey. 


The marina isn’t all boats – there’s a lot of land to walk around and this lovely pond to enjoy.



Quite a few boats are out of the marina for the summer - leaving us with this view from the bow.  Hence the ease of access this morning!


‘Chance’ for a rest!


  1. Caroline and Martin24 June 2012 at 11:26

    Hope everything goes well for James next week. we're sure we passed your old boat Spirit last week, moored up on the Shropshire Union, paintwork looks rather dull to that on Chance, I guess that's an age thing! Caroline and Martin

  2. Hi Caroline and Martin, Thanks for your good wishes, We also passed Spirit last week and were very disappointed to see its condition, Saying that it is 8 years old now and well overdue a respray! Best Wishes James

  3. Hi both. Damn, we've missed you again by a couple of days! We're currently moored at the top of Buckby until tomorrow morning! I was so hoping that we would meet up at last,knowing that we were heading towards each other, and having heard such a lot about you both from John and Ali on Triskaideka. Oh well, another time hopefully. Hope all goes well for James' op next week
    Pip & Roger

  4. Have enjoyed reading blog, hope all goes well for James.


    Shell Bell

  5. Hi Pip and Roger, we wondered whether we might meet up when we read your blog and saw you were leaving the marina, we hope to be out again in a few weeks all being well, Thanks for the good wishes for James, and hope to finally meet up soon! Doug and James

  6. Thanks Norwyn, hopefully it won't be too long until we are out on the boat again! Doug and James