Thursday, 27 January 2011

A “Chance” to work on our boat!

We have just spent 3 days up at MGM.  James has been given a few jobs to do on Chance whilst we were there.

Nb Chance Jan 2011 033

He and Rachel helped with some of the wiring, and he also painted the second coat in the engine bay, as well as helping with the rubbing down of the outside.

Nb Chance Jan 2011 036

The Worcester windows we have chosen were also put in whilst we were at MGM as the boat has also been painted.

Nb Chance Jan 2011 001

Nb Chance Jan 2011 018

We decided to go for the same colour as our last boat “Spirit” as it seemed to work so well (chosen by the original owners) with all chrome fittings and windows.  We are really pleased with the result, it gives the boat the contemporary look that we wanted.

Nb Chance Jan 2011 035

The bulkheads are in place for the bathroom and bedroom, and the shower tray has been fitted.

Nb Chance Jan 2011 027

We have chosen the tiles as well, which will be in a brickwork design.

Nb Chance Jan 2011 013

Looking from the bathroom into the galley and saloon.

Nb Chance Jan 2011 029

The fresh water tank is also now in place, all 110 gallons of it!

Friday, 21 January 2011

It’s really happening!

We have been busy lately ordering various items for Chance, Flat screen TV, recorder,  and a pair of leather reclining chairs and foot stalls for the saloon.  We had these before on our previous narrow boat, and have been looking at various types in stores and hadn’t quite found what we were looking for, after looking on ebay last week I came across these:
Chairs 002Chairs 001
As we could return them if they were not what we were looking for,  we had been sent a leather swatch to check on the colour, as its difficult to tell what colour cream they are from a picture. They arrived within 3 days of ordering them, the salesman even called us on Sunday to confirm the order and that they were in stock, perfect service.  He also said that he was surprised how many of these recliner chairs have been bought for narrow boats. As we were so impressed with the chairs and the service I have posted the link should anyone be interested.
We are going back up to the boat at the weekend to check on “Chance’s” progress, so will post some more details shortly.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

New Year and another Chance to visit..

We spent a lovely weekend with friends in Hereford, and continued on Monday to MGM at Thurmaston, to see Chance’s progress, as the spray foam and wiring had just been completed.

January 2011 028

We are very pleased as it is a very neat job, and there is masses of overhead lighting and under cabinet lighting wiring and sockets where we have requested them.

January 2011 050

Now the floor and ballast is down, MGM drew out our basic floor plan to give us an idea how the inside might look.  We made a few changes, notably the reduced depth washing machine we have purchased (400mm), which has now been moved to the island in the galley, instead of being under the main work surface, which will now give us more cupboard space in the galley.

January 2011 037

We have now agreed the detailed layout so the fitting can begin and decided on the oven, hob and twin sinks in the galley.

January 2011 036

The holding primer is being sanded down and the undercoat applied.

January 2011 044

The engine bay awaiting painting and the installation of the Beta Marine 43hp engine.