Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Alrewas to Fradley Junction

After a quick walk to the co op we prepared to leave this lovely village and head to Fradley Junction.  We had a nice farewell chat to Bruce and Sheila on nb ‘Sanity Again’ (our neighbours last night) before finally leaving at about 11’sh.


Our mooring at Alrewas.


A breakfast guest – he occasionally reared up and looked us in the eye through the galley window!



Thought we’d take another couple of shots of this pretty village while we walked back from the co op. 

It was a quick trip of  an an hour and a half to Fradley Junction - a very busy and popular spot on the canal system.  We managed to get a mooring and took advantage of the working “coal” boat  Callisto moored close to us where we replaced an empty gas cylinder.  We had a very relaxing afternoon in the sunshine with a couple of jobs to be done on the boat, then a nice (and very slow) walk with Oscar along the towpath - popping into the The Swan for a pint on the way back.  It was all so relaxing we forgot to take any photos!

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