Saturday, 19 February 2011

Keeping Warm!

Oscar Swimming - nb Chance 032

When we were at MGM last week, the stove was placed in position.  This time we are having a Morso squirrel, as its capable of staying in overnight.  We then mapped out on the floor where the units were going to be built around it.

Oscar Swimming - nb Chance 025

The central heating will be run by the Mikuni MX40 unit, which we had experience of on the last boat and is very quiet when running. 

Friday, 11 February 2011

“Chance” has just got technical !

The engine bay has just received most of it’s vital organs!  The engine and gearbox are now in and coupled to the prop shaft.  It’s been run several times to allow the engine to settle on the mounts before final adjustments are made.  The calorifier is on the left and three of the five batteries in place on the right.  Our big fat hospital silencer is at the bottom of the picture.  The Mikuni heater is waiting in the wings.

Oscar Swimming - nb Chance 005

The mock up of the rear deck seating rail gives an idea of how it should look when the real one (2” thick American light oak) is fitted.  We’re looking forward to relaxing on the rear deck on some sunny summer evenings!

Oscar Swimming - nb Chance 008

The wardrobe holds all the switchgear and the stuff we don’t need to see.  It’s fairly compact and still gives us good hanging space.

Oscar Swimming - nb Chance 019

Inside the rear steps are the 3.5 kW travel pack, 1800W inverter and battery charger.  The steps will be ventilated to get rid of the heat.  The central heating header tank is mounted on the right and will be boxed in.

Oscar Swimming - nb Chance 020

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Another Progress Report on “Chance”

We went up to MGM for the day yesterday, to see how “Chance” is progressing and were amazed to see how much has been achieved in 10 days!!
Oscar Swimming - nb Chance 013
The galley units are all made and in position.
Oscar Swimming - nb Chance 015
The worktops are soon to be fitted, and my favourite bit,  Martin made us a really great wine rack!!
Oscar Swimming - nb Chance 016
On our last boat some of the bottles fell out whilst on The Thames going through London, this time it will hold the bottles in place, should we have any similar experiences with waves!  The slim depth (40cm) washing machine will fit in the space to the left with double doors covering the machine, and doors will be made to fit over the shelves on the right as well.  We will have plenty of storage space this time…..
Oscar Swimming - nb Chance 025
Work in the saloon has also started, the glass fronted cabinets have been made by the front doors, and we tried the Morso Squirrel stove in position to work out the cabinets that will be made around it.  Hence the chalk marks on the floor. I will try and post some more pictures when I have more time!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Oscar’s fine and doing well!

A non boat blog for a change, as some of you have been asking after Oscar,  so just to show you that he’s still going strong at 13 years and a few months old, I have posted a couple of pictures of him today during his half hour in the local doggy pool!


He goes most weeks, at a pool in the next village to ours in Sidlesham, called Therapaws.  We are sure it keeps him going at his age, and certainly helps his joints and seems to look forward to his 30 minutes each week!


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

We have an engine!

We have just received some pictures of the engine being installed today. 


Its a Beta Marine 43hp with three alternators, one of which is the 240V generator. 


The engine’s installed once, to mark the position of the mountings.  Then taken out and the mounting holes drilled, and then finally installed.


All went well and not a scratch on the paint!  The poles look a bit strange at the moment but are angled to match the contour of the boat and will finally be topped with a very nice chunky American Oak seating rail.